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PeopleMatters - Summer 2017

Take a break from the Christmas madness and enjoy reading the sixth edition of Presbyterian Support Southland's PeopleMatters e-newsletter.

Posted: Sunday December 31, 2017

PeopleMatters - Spring 2017

Welcome to the fifth edition of our PeopleMatters e-newsletter where you can read about the latest happenings within Presbyterian Support Southland.

Posted: Wednesday August 23, 2017

PeopleMatters - Winter 2017

Welcome to the forth edition of our PeopleMatters e-newsletter.

Posted: Wednesday May 31, 2017

PeopleMatters - Autumn 2017

Welcome to the third edition of our PeopleMatters e-newsletter. 

Posted: Monday March 27, 2017

PeopleMatters - Summer 2016

Welcome to the second edition of our new PeopleMatters e-newsletter. We hope you are enjoying the new format and reading all about everything that's going on within Presbyterian Support Southland. 

Posted: Friday December 23, 2016

PeopleMatters - Spring 2016

Welcome to our new PeopleMatters e-newsletter. We hope you like the new format and enjoy reading about all of the great work going on within Presbyterian Support Southland. If you have feedback or questions, please email 

Posted: Thursday September 8, 2016

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