Our vision is a community where all people can make the most of their strengths and feel included, valued and safe.

Working in Southland, New Zealand we provide support to older people through Enliven and support for children, young people and their families through Family Works. 

Enliven services include retirement living, residential aged care and community support. Family Works offers a range of social services, from counselling and social work support, through to buddy and parenting programmes.

“There’s no place like New Zealand.”

8 June 2018

After two years and 245 days away from New Zealand, Alex McBurney returned from WWII not much older than 23, but having seen things most wouldn’t in an entire lifetime. He speaks of the horrors of those trenches, the endless boredom and monotony, and of burying men while they were still warm – experiences he shares very rarely.

90 Year Old Finally Retires

8 June 2018

A modern two-lane bridge has been constructed across the Kawarau River replacing the original and opened in May. At a cost of $21.9 million, the new bridge is an attempt to reduce traffic delays and increase safety. The original bridge will become a historic walkway.

Getting to Know You

8 June 2018

Meet Linda Waples from Resthaven Village

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