Family Works is here to support children, young people and their families through challenging times in their life.

We all need help from time to time, and Family Works offers a range of social services, from counselling and social work support, through to buddy and parenting programmes.

Services are confidential, free of charge and available no matter what your gender, religion or background may be. 


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Next Step

Little Buddy becomes a Big Buddy, a legacy of impact

7 March 2023

The experience of being a Little Buddy had such a profound impact on Gemma Wells-Todd's young life that as an adult she was determined to give back.

Helping families put food on the table

7 March 2023

Family Works and KiwiHarvest have formed a welcome partnership at a time when putting food on the table is becoming increasingly difficult for families.

Community project benefits Southland migrants

3 March 2023

As Southland’s migrant population continues to grow and diversify, Family Works has initiated a community project to explore ways for migrant families and service providers to more easily access the social services they need.