The unmet needs of children in Invercargill led to Presbyterian Support Otago opening Cameron Children’s Home in 1917. The Southland association of Presbyterian Support was formed in 1919 and took over the operation of this home. From this, residential childcare continued as the main area of work over the next 40 years.

Although the care needs of older people had been apparent since the mid 1930’s, it wasn’t until May 1938 that Cameron Home (now redundant as a children’s home) was reopened as a home for “elderly ladies”.  Since then, our first purpose-built rest home/hospital at Peacehaven opened early in 1954, and the range of services offered to older people has substantially expanded to multiple homes across the region.

The introduction of the domestic purposes benefit reduced the number of children needing residential care and our last children’s home closed in 1989. There was still a desperate need for social services to support children, young people and their families, and in 1991 we were approved as CFSS & Community Service and since have expanded to offer a wide range of services under Family Works.

The Southland Committee was formed and Cameron Home was opened in Gordon Street, Invercargill.


Gladstone children’s home was opened in Grey Street, Invercargill and Southland became a separate Association known then as PSSA.


PSSA appoints Alan Smith as Chief Executive.


PSSA adopts a new constitution, known then as the ‘rules’ of the assosciation.


Allison children’s home and farm on Bainfield Road, Invercargill was gifted to the Association by Mr John Allison and was opened on 30th November. Gladstone children’s home was closed.


Campaign launched to raise £50,000 to build a rest home in Invercargill.


The first Inglenook children’s home in East Gore officially opened on the 10th April and Cameron children’s home was converted to home for elderly women. The children from Cameron home were moved to Inglenook.


Two foundation stones at Peacehaven were laid by Prime Minister Rt Hon S G Holland (later Sir Sidney) and the Association’s Chairman, The Rev W J Robertson on 15th August.


Sutherland children’s home at Oteramika Road, Invercargill was gifted to Association by the Sutherland Family and officially opened in 1957.


Peacehaven rest home, hospital and rental cottages officially opened on the 24th February. Cameron home for the elderly closed and residents were transferred to Peacehaven. 


Resthaven was officially opened on 17th February.


Norwood Hostel was gifted to the Association by Mr Alfred and Mrs Bessie Walmsley and was officially opened on the 3rd June.


Visit from Governor-General, Sir Bernard Fergusson


Allison Home was closed and boys transferred to Tweed Street Home in March. Highfield Children's Home opened. Peacehaven Chapel was dedicated in December.


Peacehaven Chapel stained Glass windows are installed and dedicated.


Tweed Street Boys' home in Invercargill and Inglenook children’s home in East Gore were both closed.


The second Inglenook children’s home opened in Ardwick Street, Gore on 26th February and was gifted to the Association by Mr and Mrs C B Styles.


A new office building was established in the grounds of First Church, Tay Street, Invercargill and officially opened on 26th May. 


Half century celebrations of PSSA.


The residential extensions at Resthaven were officially opened on 21st September. Norwood Hostel for girls was closed.


Iona wing at Peacehaven was commissioned.


The PAM Opportunity Shop was established in conjunction with Anglicans and Methodists.


Vickery Court was transferred to the Association, effective from 1st  September.  Six flats at Gore were opened. Highfield closed as a children's home.


Highfield converted for use by physically disabled. Victoria Memorial was taken over by PSSA.


Walmsley House officially opened on the 19th of March. A hospital wing added to Vickery Court.


Inglenook closed as home for children.


The second group of six flats at Resthaven officially opened on the 28th March.


Wyndham Maternity Hospital leased from Southland Hospital Board and converted for use as a rest home.


IHC Hostel Kindhaven purchased by PSSA. PSSA name was changed to Presbyterian Support Services Southland.


Victoria Memorial Home for the elderly reopened at Ruru Street in the reconstructed Kindhaven Hostel.


Wakatipu Home, Frankton, officially opened on the 1st of December. Sutherland Home was closed.


Wyndham Home purchased from Southland Area Health Board and completely renovated and modernized. The Iona Wing at Peacehaven was converted to a secure dementia area.


Presbyterian Support Services Southland were approved as CFSS & Community Service for Foster Care, Counselling and Social Work (Southland Wide).


Supportlink established (Initially as “Home Support Service”).


75th Anniversary ‘Young and Old’ book launched.


The social service programme Temper Tamers and psychological services were implemented. The remaining 11 units were completed at Frankton Court. Alan Smith retired and Peter Wards was appointed as Chief Executive.


Vickery Court was refurbished. SupportLink Wakatipu was launched and the name Presbyterian Support Southland (PSS) was adopted.


The Invercargill Buddy Programme and Grief Groups were launched. Wyndham Home was handed over to the community.


The Resthaven rebuild was completed, the Walker Trust cottages taken over by PSS and the Peacehaven Stage I and II rebuild was completed.


Peacehaven stage III rebuild was completed and Victoria Memorial Home was sold.


The Wakatipu Buddy Programme commences in Queenstown. Vickery Court Hospital rebuild was opened and Resthaven was extended to include a dementia care area.


The social service programme Cool Families started and the Fresh Start contract commenced.


The Parenting Programme started. The old Vickery court hospital was converted to a rest home and the Iona Dementia Care at Peacehaven was extended.


The first of 19 Townhouses to be built at Peacehaven were occupied. The Iona rest home level dementia care moved to two new 10 bed units. Vickery Court rest home rebuild stage I and II completed.


The social service arm of PSS was officially rebranded as ‘Family Works’. Family Works Strengthening Families Service started. Highfield Home was closed and the remaining disabled residents moved to Vickery Court. The second lot of townhouses at Peacehaven were completed.


The last 7 townhouses at Peacehaven were finished. The Vickery Court rest home rebuild was officially finished. The Aged Care community service ‘Supportlink’ was extended to Gore. The Family Works Buddy Programme also extended to Gore.


Family Works won the Family Start Programme contract. Elms Café complex and Anderson Hall were developed at Peacehaven. The name of “Aged Care” changed to “Services for Older People”.


The Family Works Dedicated Intake Service commenced. Wakatipu Home was transferred to new owners.


The Family Works Young Parents service and the Incredible Years programme commenced. Central Office moved from Tay Street to 181 Spey Street.


The Family Works Cool Families programme started.


The Family Works programmes Circle of Security and Out of Gate started.


The Peacehaven walkway officially opened.


The Family Works programmes Family Dispute Resolution and AMGR8 started.


Name change from “Services for Older People” to “Enliven”.


PSS service brand Enliven wins the New Zealand Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award.


Peter Wards retired and John Prendergast took over his role as Chief Executive of PSS.


Presbyterian Support Southland turned 100 years old and Peacehaven celebrated 65 years.