Taking a stand against violence towards women

By Petrina Wright | Posted: Monday November 28, 2022

Presbyterian Support Southland (PSS) has put a stake in the ground, taking a stand against violence towards woman.

Staff from across the organisation, from the Enliven retirement homes and care homes to Family Works staff and PSS central office staff donned a white ribbon in support of White Ribbon Day on Friday. Central office staff also placed stakes in the ground in the garden outside the Family Works offices on Friday to symbolise their resolve that violence towards women is unacceptable.

White Ribbon Day is an international day held on November 25 each year, when people wear a white ribbon to demonstrate they do not condone violence towards women.

According to White Ribbon New Zealand, most violence by men against women in this country happens in the home, with an average of 14 women a year killed by their partners or ex-partners and 3500 convictions recorded each year against men for assaults on women. It is also estimated one in five women in New Zealand will experience some form of sexual violence at some stage in their lives.

This year, the White Ribbon campaign aimed to flip the script of ‘boys will be boys’ and focus on the all the great qualities boys and men could demonstrate if that is what they are taught, such as being caring, supportive and respectful.

Parents, caregivers, coaches and anyone who interacts with boys were encouraged to talk to them about what it means to be a good human and help them to make good choices.

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