In Remembrance - Alan Matheson

By PSS | Posted: Monday August 10, 2020

It is with great sadness we write to inform you that Rev Alan Matheson passed away at Vickery Court on Wednesday the 22nd of July 2020 aged 83, 4 weeks after the sad loss of his wife Annette.

Rev Matheson served on the PSS Trust Board from 1975-1985 and then again in 1999 through until he elected to take up the role of Chaplain in 2005. He continued in this role until 2009 ending an official important longstanding contribution to Presbyterian Support Southland. Rev Matheson continued to visit and support residents of PSS care homes long after his official capacity came to an end. After Rev Matheson's departure from the role of Chaplain in the title was changed to Pastoral Visitor which is what we know it as today. Alan's dedication to PSS and the impact he has had on many lives through the work of PSS has been significant.

Our thoughts are with Alan's family.