Family Works Officially “Friendly”

By PSS | Posted: Monday November 20, 2017

Family Works has been awarded the Friendly Brand in recognition of the agency’s commitment to Southland families and creating an environment they can feel safe in. 

The Friendly brand has been developed by the Invercargill City Council as a way to encourage organisations to be child, youth and family friendly.

Manager Family Works Irene Te Koeti said it was pleasing that Council had acknowledged Family Works as an organisation worthy of showcasing the brand.

“Everything we do within Family Works is about families, and supporting children, young people and their families through challenging times in their lives,” she said.

“We are always listening to families, and do our very best to meet their needs across all aspects of the agency.”

Friendly branding is presented to organisations that meet certain criteria.

This includes, but is not limited to, organisations that welcome breastfeeding mothers, are smokefree, provide healthy food options for events and activities, and that are willing to be flexible enough to accommodate the sometimes unpredictable needs of children, young people and their families; all criteria met by Family Works.

“Family Works also aligns well with the Council’s Child, Youth and Family Policy, as well as the Friendly brand, as we place a family lens over everything we do,” Te Koeti said.

Family Works’ achievement of meeting Friendly branding criteria was acknowledged formally on Monday 20th November, with Deputy Mayor, Rebecca Amundsen making a presentation to Family Works.