Change of Address a Positive One

By PSS | Posted: Saturday October 28, 2017

Carol Chin Poy looks at her recent move to Walmsley House as simply a “change of address” – and she’s making the most of it.

At just 73 years of age, health issues prompted Carol to make the move much earlier than she had intended. However, along with as many belongings as she could fit into her new room, she has also packed her positive attitude and zest for life into her new home.

“There really isn’t one negative about Walmsley House … even if I looked for one I couldn’t find one,” she says.
“I just couldn’t fault this place and I have everything I need. I’ve got my TV and computer in my room, and lots of wonderful friends and family who visit.”

Carol is still fiercely independent. 

She has her own car, is out most days, has a long line of regular visitors including family and friends, has planted a small garden in pots near her room, attends a regular dance group for “oldies” as well as yoga, and often heads away for weekend trips.

The move has simply been a “change of address”, she says, and while it has taken some time to adjust to her new surroundings – as it would for anyone who had packed up and sold their family home – she has quickly made friends with residents and staff alike.

The move has also coincided with Carol’s retirement from a 17 year career as a funeral celebrant, a role she absolutely loved.

“Being with people in their hour of need, you carry them over those three days,” she said.
“People often said to me you must cry all the time, but I said no… it’s their grief, it’s not mine, I’m there to carry them and guide them through that time and make it easier for them.”
“I’m also very involved in the Maori culture, and have been involved in a lot of tangi, which I will miss a lot.”

Previous careers in nursing and employment services, along with a strong faith, gave Carol the skills she needed for a career as a funeral celebrant, and she still helps out when required.

With a loving family, including three children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren, Carol says she has been “blessed”.

“I really have the most wonderful life, I’m very, very blessed.”

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