Three decades at Peacehaven – and more to come

By PSS | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2017

Peacehaven Village Care Worker Annette Allen brings up 30 years working for Presbyterian Support Southland in April 2017.

“There are good days and bad days about working anywhere, but when I walk in the door at Peacehaven it just feels like home, it’s just part of my life.”

Peacehaven Village has been part of Annette Allen’s life for 30 years. The Laundry Assistant turned Care Worker brings up three decades with the organisation in April 2017.

The good news for Peacehaven, she’s well and truly intending to make it to 40 years.

“I love the elderly, I really do, and we have a lot of fun,” she says.
“There is a bit of sadness, and it took me a long time to get used to the fact that some residents simply weren’t going to get better. You don’t harden and it doesn’t get easier, but you learn to accept it.”
“I’d like to think I make a difference in their lives.”
“I’m pretty sure I’ll get to 40 years here – it’s only 10 more years, and I’m happy here, so why not?”

Annette was a Laundry Assistant at Peacehaven for 12 years – years she looks back on fondly – before being encouraged to take on a role as a Care Worker.

Over three decades she has worked every shift going – nights, mornings, afternoons and days (with a very understanding family) – she’s seen managers come and go, she was there when the original building was, and she’s even taken up ukulele through opportunities at Peacehaven.

The work is physically demanding, but it’s kept her fit and it’s simply a role she loves.

“The staff here are amazing. I’ve made friends. I stay fit. I do a job I Iove in a place I feel safe and happy."

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