Something to Crow About

By PSS | Posted: Sunday March 19, 2017

Peacehaven Village residents had something to crow about when their Year of the Rooster display picked up the Supreme Champion Exhibit at the 2017 Southland A&P Show.

A month of crafting cards, painting, knitting, crocheting and crafting paid off for Peacehaven Village residents when they were awarded the ribbon for the Supreme Champion Exhibit at the Southland A&P Show.

Up to 10 Peacehaven residents, with support from Activities Co-ordinator Susan Slaughter and volunteer Shiralee Merrick, spent hours crafting their display to match the theme of Year of the Rooster.

With a list of crafts they had to incorporate including card making, painting, crochet/knitting and flower arrangement; the residents set to creating all types of items and adding extra features such as a homemade hat and baking.

Susan said: “Three of the residents took on the baking and they just loved it, they were in their element and it was so wonderful to see. It gave me warm fuzzies inside!”

The creativity and detail that went into the display certainly paid off when the display not only won its section, but was named Supreme Champion Exhibit from the entire Creative Section.

“I went to the show on the Saturday morning and looked at the results and saw we had won a certificate and a ribbon,” Susan said.

“I knew we had won our section and went back to Peacehaven to pick up residents to take them to the show, and called out “guess what…we won!” – the look on their faces was just so worth it.”

“It wasn’t until we got back to the show that I realised we’d won the overall prize – I was speechless and I’ll never forget the looks on the faces of the residents! It was so special.”

“It was a lot of work for everyone, but they just enjoyed it so much and it really was worth it.”

“I look at my job as a way to help make the residents happy, and looking at this, I can say I did my job.”

Susan paid special credit to Shiralee for her voluntary work with the residents, which she said was hugely appreciated.