Free app for parents proves hugely valuable

By PSS | Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2017

The free Baby&You App is full of relevant information for new or young parents. 

Samantha Matthews has one word to sum up the Baby&You app: “fantastic”.

“It just has so much information,” she says.
“It’s got information about bus routes which we take daily, information about health and wellbeing, food and allergies, sleeping… we use it on a regular basis.”

The free app, available to download on Android and iPhone, is designed to support parents. It has links on more than 160 topics (many localised to Southland), covering everything from pregnancy through to a child’s early years, meaning help is just the touch of a screen away.

Ms Matthews, mother to four-year old Kayla-Rose, was a student at Murihiku Young Parents’ Learning Centre (MYPLC), and was one of several young parents who assisted Family Works with the app’s development.

While her daughter is now four, and the app was initially targeted at new or young parents, Ms Matthews said it was still proving hugely valuable to her.

“It is absolutely fantastic. It would be useful to any parent, but as a first-time mum it’s been so helpful. There’s even a specific section for dads, which is really good.”
“It just makes it so easy to find relevant information – it’s got everything you need in one place and it gets updated quite often as well.”

The Baby&You app was developed by young parents, community professionals and Family Works and made possible through Tindall Foundation funding.

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