A Decade as a Big Buddy

By PSS | Posted: Tuesday October 11, 2016

Big Buddies have been acknowledged for their ongoing and lengthy commitment to the Buddy Programme.

Sally Ford has spent a decade as a Big Buddy.

Now, her Little Buddy is even acting as a Big Buddy himself – to her two-year-old daughter, Mila.

Over the past 10 years Sally, who is part of the Wakatipu Buddy Programme, has had three Little Buddies. 

She and her partner had daughter, Mila, two and a half years ago.

Sally’s Little Buddy Bailey loves spending time with her and Mila – and Mila loves playing with Bailey as well, looking up to him as her Big Buddy!

Sally was one of 26 Big Buddies across the Wakatipu, Invercargill and Gore programmes who recently received Long Service Awards for ongoing commitment to the Buddy Programme.

Family Works Team Leader Pam Smith said it was wonderful to be able to recognise Big Buddies who had volunteered for a number of years.

“We really appreciate everything our Big Buddies do for their Little Buddies – whether it’s including them in their family and activities like Sally and Mila do with Bailey, or spending quality one on one time with them each week,” she said.
“Their input can make such a positive difference in the lives of their Little Buddies, so it’s fantastic to be able to recognise them for their ongoing dedication to the programme in Wakatipu, Invercargill and Gore.”


Two Years: Robin Chen, Dana Gower, Ashley Young (Invercargill), Shona Buckner, Noelia Diaz, Janet, Dysart, Annie Gallaway, Danielle Ingle, Gary Johnson, Annie Rankin, Heather Riddell, Chris Stephenson, Julie Stephenson, Lyn Weir (Wakatipu)

Five Years: Dianne Chartres, Trish Evans, Jan Smithies (Invercargill), Mitch Christie, Lorraine Marston (Gore)

Seven Years: Margot Graton, Cecelia McIntosh, Ivan McIntosh (Invercargill), Jan Scott, Kelly Takurua (Gore)

Ten Years: Sally Ford (Wakatipu)

Fifteen Years: Amanda Paterson (Invercargill)

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