Wishing Diane all the best in retirement

By Petrina Wright | Posted: Tuesday June 4, 2024

After two decades of caring for and supporting residents stalwart of Peacehaven Village, cottage coordinator Diane Braithwaite is retiring.

She started working as a care worker in Peacehaven’s Iona unit in 2003 before taking up the position of cottage coordinator for the residential village five years later.

“My job was to make sure the residents were happy and healthy and received the support they needed,” she said.

The role involved doing residents’ blood pressure checks, six-monthly visits with each resident to assess their medical conditions, organising needs assessments as required and providing a listening ear when residents needed someone to talk to.

“I enjoy seeing people happy.

“Being able to make someone’s day is important.”

It was the residents which had kept Diane in the job for so many years.

“They have been my family, my extended family. I would do anything for them.

“I am going to miss them all.”

Diane said she was retiring to take care of her husband who was unwell.

In addition to caring for her husband and spending quality time with him, Diane has lots of plans for her retirement, including scrapbooking, gardening and spending more time with her grandchildren.

“Thank you, PSS. Over the years the management has been very understanding and supportive of my need to take time off to care for my husband. That is pretty special in a workplace.”

Diane also wanted to acknowledge village liaison Karen Harvey.

“I really appreciate Karen and the work she does.

“She is kind and caring, and I have really enjoyed working with her.”

Diane said she hoped everything went well with the redevelopment project.

Supported living and community services manager Juliana Baxter said Diane’s presence would be missed in the village.

With more than 20 years of service for PSS, and some 16 years as the Peacehaven cottage co-ordinator, Diane had become something of an institution in the village, she said.

“While many things may have changed in her time with PSS, one thing that has never wavered and that is Diane’s care and concern for our residents.

“Diane was always ready with a listening ear, reassuring support, some sage advice and the occasional touch of “tough love” if she felt the situation needed it.

“We wish Diane all the best for her retirement.”

Diane’s last day with PSS is this Thursday (June 6).