Be a Guardian Angel

Be an Angel, and become a Family Works Guardian Angel. 

At Family Works we see children, young people and their families when they are at their lowest point and need a hand to face life’s challenges.

We support over 1200 Southland families per year with social services, including Foster Care, Family Start Programme, Buddy Programmes, Parenting Programmes, Counselling, Social Work Support and Family Dispute Resolution Services.

Demand for our services continue to grow and we can’t do this alone. We invite you to Be an Angel and help us support a family like Miriam’s.

Miriam and her children recently left a long term abusive relationship. Although she knew that she shouldn’t go back to her partner, she felt she couldn’t cope on her own and was afraid of what her partner would do if she didn’t take him back.

She struggled with the daily demands of parenting, felt afraid and isolated. She turned to her GP for support, who referred her to Family Works.

A Family Works social worker met with Miriam and together decided what assistance would be beneficial for her family. Family Works provided help with parenting skills and Foster Care so the children and Miriam could have a break while
she worked through the domestic violence issues with other organisations.

With Family Works and other organisations' help, great progress was made enabling Miriam to have confidence in her parenting abilities and not return to an abusive relationship.

Be an Angel, and support a family like Miriam’s on a regular basis.

There are multiple ways to support:

  • $1 per day to support a child
  • $7 per day to support a family
  • One-off donation

Any level of support is greatly appreciated.

Online donation

If you would like to make regular or one-off online donations, please visit our online donations page.