Dementia Care at Peacehaven Village

Peacehaven Village offers dementia care at rest home and hospital level in its specific dementia care wing, Iona. Through Iona, Peacehaven Village is the sole provider of psychogeriatric care in Southland, and is home to the most advanced and complex dementia residents in the region.  The standard of care is kept to a high quality.

Staff available include: an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, two music therapists and two diversional therapists. There is also a personalised activity programme to meet the individual needs of the resident.

A high number of carers have completed advanced training and we offer a high staff to resident ratio.

With 40 dementia care beds and qualified staff who go the extra mile, there is a real commitment to providing a high quality of dementia care.

Enliven is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the wellbeing and improve the lives of those with dementia, along with practical and safe ways to reduce residents’ reliance on antipsychotic medication where possible and for their benefit. 

Quality of life is at the forefront of everything Enliven offers and, at Peacehaven Village residents are involved with dementia residents, at times coming together for meals and activities. 

Iona is a safe and secure care area for residents, and a number of new tools and ideas have been introduced to enhance the well-being of those living with dementia.


Enliven is the only aged care provider in the South Island to own a robotic baby seal, which could change the lives of those living with dementia.

The innovative robotic seal, named PARO, mimics a real baby harp seal and is highly responsive to human senses. It is able to interact with residents and its environment.

Studies have shown interaction with PARO has psychological benefits for people with dementia, and in some cases sessions with PARO have prompted non-verbal elderly dementia patients to start talking after years of little to no communication, and in others, the calming effect of the seal has reduced the need for medication.

Sensory Room

A new sensory room at Peacehaven Village offers residents an environment where they can safely explore and stimulate senses.

It offers a range of sensory experiences from softer lighting which has a calming effect, to the sounds of rainfall in a forest, or the sound of the tide coming in and out.

There is also a projector set up, simulating an open fire with flames and crackle, and plans are in place to simulate a steam train journey and to add more textual elements.

While the room is open to any Peacehaven resident and their famiy, it is part of Enliven’s commitment to seek new ways to enhance the well-being of residents with dementia.

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