Enliven COVID-19 response

This information was last updated at 9:57am on Wednesday 25 March 2020

From 11.59pm on Wednesday 25 March 2020 New Zealand will be into COVID-19 response Level 4. Our Enliven services are classified as essential services and will remain operational.

We are committed to supporting the health, safety and well being of all of our clients, residents, volunteers, and others we work with in the community by limiting the exposure to Coronavirus. Therefore we would like to let you know about the actions we’re taking to keep both you and our staff safe and well during New Zealand’s response to COVID-19.

We have always had strong cleaning, hygiene and infection controls in place for the health and well being of our staff, residents and clients but we are reminding staff and visitors to be extra vigilant with hand washing and hand hygiene practices. We have reviewed and updated our cleaning and sanitizing plan for our sites to ensure they are cleaned more frequently and with extra care, especially on high contact surfaces such as door handles and handrails. We are following the Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure we all help keep everyone safe. 

We are taking the following steps for Enliven to prevent unnecessary exposure. We have full plans in place in the event we get any cases of COVID-19. We have had none so far.

Restricted rest home access

We have had a positive response from residents and relatives who understand the need to take precautions. A few of you have asked whether we are being too cautious and will cause social isolation, and we have plans to keep everyone engaged as best we can.

  • We are limiting access to our rest homes until further notice. Only urgent visitors will be able to visit, upon approval from the rest home manager.
  • Urgent visits for residents are where your loved one is in palliative or end of life care
  • Non-urgent visits are where you can postpone or get in touch by phone or Skype. The fewer visitors we get, the smaller the chance of COVID-19 infection.
  • If you are an urgent visitor, you will be stepped through the process to gain access to the site.
  • The limited access also applies to our independent living Village residents.
  • This measure is to protect the health and well being of our residents by minimising the risk of a visitor bringing Coronavirus into our care homes.
  • Our Pastoral Visitors are helping and supporting our residents where needed.

Restricted Retirement Village access

  • No visitors will be able to access our Retirement Village sites.
  • Meals that are usually enjoyed at Anderson Hall or Resthaven main building by the village residents will be delivered to our residents homes.
  • At Peacehaven our Village Liasion is going to still be on site from Monday - Friday
  • At Frankton Court and Resthaven our Village Liasions are working from home but are speaking with residents each day via phone.
  • Our Pastoral Visitors are helping and supporting our residents where needed.

Group activities and events

  • All group activities within the rest homes are suspended until further notice. There will be no activity calendar for the moment.
  • Elms Cafe will be closed at Peacehaven until further notice.

Staff screening

  • Staff will continue to be screened at the start of each shift at all of our care homes.

Visitor screening

  • All urgent visitors will be screened on entry to each care home.

Restricting entry points

  • We will be restricting entry points at all sites to the main entrance. All other entry doors will be locked down.
  • Village residents will not be able to enter the rest homes and are encouraged to avoid large community gatherings.
  • Restricting new Enliven admissions where necessary
  • We will not be accepting new or potential residents that are displaying cold or flu-like symptoms or that have had contact with family that have recently travelled overseas.
  • New or potential residents will be assessed to ensure they have not been exposed to Covid-19.

Restricting new Enliven admissions where necessary

  • We will not be accepting new or potential residents that are displaying cold or flu-like symptoms or that have had contact with family that have recently traveled overseas.
  • New or potential residents will be assessed to ensure they have not been exposed to COVID-19.

Enliven Resident Isolation

  • Any exisiting resident that has cold or flu-like symptoms will be placed in isolation and nursed in their bedroom until they have been cleared of their infection.

Enliven SupportLink (Community Service)

  • Our SupportLink volunteers are making regular phone contact with our SupportLink community clients.
  • Our volunteers will endeavor to assist with our clients needs through this tough time in ways such as grocery deliveries.
  • Our volunteers will be working within the current Government and Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • If anybody has a need or would like further support, even if it's just someone to talk on the phone with, please contact our Community Service Manager Lynn Morton on 02102430009.

PPE and cleaning Products

  • We are working with the DHB and our suppliers to ensure that we have sufficient stocks of cleaning products and PPE available at each site.
  • We have implemented more frequent and intensive cleaning regimes in our care homes, offices and when visiting in the community.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why are your staff allowed to go to work?
A: Our essential staff will continue to work during the isolation period. They are needed to keep your loved ones safe and well cared for. They will come into work only if:

  •         They and their families are well
  •         They have not been overseas in the last 14 days
  •         They have not knowingly been in contact with anyone who has been overseas in the last 14 days

They are fully trained in infection control measures and they know how important it is to your loved one’s health to stay away if they are in doubt. We need them to stay well, and we are doing our best to ensure their wellbeing during this time.

Q: Which staff are accessing the rest homes
A: If the staff members day to day role doesn’t require them to visit the rest homes then they will not be permitted on site. If their role does require them to visit the rest home, they will be taken through the urgent visitor screening process that we have in place.

Q: My dad lives in Enliven retirement village but I live in a different town. He has no one to deliver groceries to him, what should I do?
Don’t worry, we will continue to check in on all of our retirement village residents regularly. If you have a friend or family member that can deliver groceries that would be helpful. If not we will make sure he has essential supplies. Please call us to discuss. 

Q: Can I deliver shopping to my mum who is in an independent retirement apartment or cottage?
If your mum relies on you for her groceries, please deliver them while respecting physical distancing guidelines. Try to cut down your visits to only essential deliveries.

Q: What are we doing to protect our village residents?
A: Our village residents are not permitted to enter our rest home buildings. We have educated village residents on the level 4 response and they will observe this the same as everybody else in the wider community.

Q: Will hairdressing, church services and classes within the care homes continue?
A: All non-essential services have been suspended until further notice.

Q: Can I take my loved one home to self-isolate with me?
A: You can, provided they leave before 11.59pm on Wednesday 24 March 2020. It is important to think about this carefully – you will need to be able to care for them for the minimum four-week isolation period.

Are your head office staff working?

Our Central Office site is closed and staff will also be working from home.

On a final note, we encourage you to take care of yourselves and your family during this time.

Please do not visit any of our sites if you are sick.