New Chief Executive Appointed

By PSS | Posted: Monday September 17, 2018

Presbyterian Support Southland are pleased to announce the appointment of John Prendergast as Chief Executive Officer.

John joined PSS on July 9. He and current CEO Peter Wards will transition over the coming months – with the formal handover set to take place on 31st August. Peter has led the organisation for 23 years.

John is a highly successful and well-regarded business leader who has significant career experience in both Southland and the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a past Chair of Philanthropy New Zealand, and was named Southland’s Business Personality of the Year in 2017.

Presbyterian Support provides a unique opportunity for John to combine his philanthropic and financial background. John joins PSS from his previous position as the Community Trust of Southland Chief Executive. During his 20 year tenure, John oversaw an investment fund of $225 million, and the distribution of more than $160 million in grants to close to 10,000 projects across the Southland community. 

“I like to think I have a head for commerce, and a heart for community, and the CEO role at PSS offers a great opportunity to exercise both.” John says.

The combination of his experience, drive and personality makes John an ideal fit for Presbyterian Support’s next stages of growth. John sees some great challenges, but also some great opportunities, for PSS as the organisation enters its one hundredth year serving Southland. 

“On the Enliven side of the business we have a significant increase coming in the number of older people in Southland, so we need to position Enliven to be ready for their arrival; and in Family Works we have a very well respected agency dealing with amongst the most vulnerable in our community, so we need to continue working in a collaborative way to collectively try and move the dial on some of the major social issues we face. And we need to balance those twin social missions against the competitive commercial environment that we operate within.”