Incredible Years Parent

Incredible Years is a programme designed for parents/caregivers of children, to strengthen parenting skills and to prevent and manage behaviour problems in children aged 2 ½ -8 years. Incredible Years Parent is run under contract with the Ministry of Education.

The course is divided into four areas:

  • the importance of play
  • praise and encouragement
  • effective limit setting
  • positive discipline and handling misbehaviour

Over 14 weekly sessions parents will cover:

  • Positive attention
  • Encouragement, praise and rewards
  • setting limits
  • Planned ignoring
  • Time out to calm down
  • Consequences
  • Teaching children to solve problems
  • Helping children manage their feelings
  • Teaching children friendship skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem solving between adults
  • how to play with your child

Every year we endeavor to deliver 1 of the Incredible Years Programmes outside of Invercargill. In 2020 we will be delivering in Riverton. 

Child minding and transport may be available, please inquire for more information.

 Incredible Years Parent is free of charge.

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"It’s relevant non- judgmental and a great way to meet other people with similar issues"