Incredible Years Autism

Incredible Years Autism is a programme run under contract with the Ministry of Education. The aim of the programme is to deliver practical strategies to help parents/caregivers/whanau of children aged 2-5 who have been diagnosed with Autism or are waiting for a diagnosis. 

Children on the autism spectrum have a higher probability than their peers to have behavioural issues. Parents and caregivers of children with autism are more likely to experience higher levels of stress and anxiety. We understand that it’s key adults in a child’s life who have the biggest impact and can make the biggest change which is why this programme is focussed on take home strategies for parents and caregivers to implement in their everyday lives.

Over 14 weekly sessions parents will cover:

  • Engaging and playing
  • Language development
  • Encouraging a child’s emotional self-regulation
  • Developing social skills and empathy
  • Helping build positive relationships
  • Using praise and rewards to motivate your child

Incredible Years Autism is delivered at Family Works located on 183 Spey Street, Invercargill.

  • Incredible Years Autism is free of charge.

Child minding and transport assistance may be available, please inquire for more information.

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