Baby&You App to Help New and Young Southland Parents

As a new or young parent it can be hard to know where to look for information. Now, a new app called Baby&You is putting it in your hands.

Help for new and young parents is now just the touch of a screen away, with the development of a new app called Baby&You.

The free app – available to download on Android and iOS devices (including cell phones, iPads and tablets) – has been developed by Family Works staff, alongside young parents and professionals in the Southland community.

It offers information on more than 120 topics covering pregnancy through to a child’s early years.

From midwives to safe sleeping to support services and multiple other topics, there are links, websites and information localised to Southland where ever possible.

Family Works Manager Dawn Lloyd and Family Works Social Worker Lorna Allott worked closely alongside focus groups with young parents at Murihiku Young Parents’ Learning Centre (MYPLC) and professionals in the community to ensure the app provided relevant topics and information for new parents.

Lorna, who became a parent at 18, said an app such as Baby&You would be extremely valuable for any new parent.

“It’s nice to have something you can access and use in your own home, in your own time,” she said.

“As an expecting parent, you don’t even know what you need to know, so by putting simple topics in one place and making it as easy as possible to access information – whether it’s about pregnancy, income support, parenting programmes, anything really – that’s going to help.”

The app, supported by The Tindall Foundation funding, was developed with young parents in mind; however Baby&You would be beneficial for all new parents – regardless of their age – Dawn said.

“There is a huge amount of information within the app and that’s where the collaborative nature of its development has been so important. It’s fantastic to have such a wide range of information so readily available and accessible in one place,” she said.

The technical development was completed by Alex Walter from Hubkat; the partner of one of Family Works Manager Dawn Lloyd’s past foster children.

Hard copy information packs for young parents are also available from Family Works.

CLICK HERE to download Baby&You on Android

CLICK HERE to download Baby&You on iOS